demos #some stories and observations

by columbus priority mail

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i haven't officially recorded anything yet, but people have asked for some of the demos i recorded, so here are some demos. maybe some day, someone will polish them into more finished tracks. (in fact there are a few projects in the works). in the meantime, these are how the songs sound in my head. additional songs will be posted in the future. you are welcome to download the demos for free, but a donation would of course be appreciated as well. in either case, if you like what you hear, recommend me to someone you know. i'm terrible at publicity.


released August 7, 2011

songwriting: andrew choi
vocals: andrew choi
instrumentals: andrew choi
recording: andrew choi - on tracks 2, 4 and 5
recording: electraplay studios - on tracks 1 and 3



all rights reserved


columbus priority mail New York, New York

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Track Name: cleveland avenue
Let me show you a place I know, with a beautiful view.
Vintage cars, and resplendent stores, it's Cleveland Avenue.

You can sell your copper at 2 bucks a pound
Right at the exchange on the east side of town
Beer and wine quick from the northern lights
Have a barbecue with your neighbors at night.

Cause the lights shine bright as the stars at night at the blue diamond lounge.
And take a break at the Darbo estate, it's the best in town.
And west on Hudson, you can get your hair done, with some new attitude,
And stop for a read, at the Linden Library, on Cleveland Avenue.

Sophisticated ladies are dressed to the nines on the street.
Midnight gas station runs for smokes, who knows the people you'll meet.

Fresh laid asphalt that still smells of tar
Perfect for cruising the street in your car
Street side fish fry's a real good steal.
Church signs will sell you a brand new deal.


On Cleveland Avenue.
Track Name: you have got to feel it
Fishermen, sailing off the
coast of Spain can tell you
everything you need to make it
but it's all just information
you can't just do it cause they told you to

Captains floating through the
space to places in the
distance can give directions
but its empty communication
you can't just do it cause you heard it from them.

You've gotta have,
Charm, Sparkle, Focus, Vision!
and mostly, you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.
You gotta have,
Lights, Action, Energy, Charge!
and mostly you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.

West coast Ladies with their
diamond rings can tell you
how they made their millions
but its all lost in translation
you can't just speak their language, rookie.

Hardened crooks on the
run from the fuzz can pass
the secrets of the brotherhood on
but it's all latin or grecian
you can't just know it all so easy.

You've gotta have,
Alizarin, Canary, Vermillion, Ochre!
and mostly, you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.
You gotta have,
Cardamom, Sugar, Clove, Parsley!
and mostly you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.


You've gotta have,
Truth, Beauty, Strange, charm!
and mostly, you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.
You gotta have,
Fashion, Movement, Style, Sultry!
and mostly you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.

French impressionists
twirling their beards can tell you
how to start a revolution
but its all a flight of fancy
until you finally get the proof of it.

Babes from Mars with their
legs and arms can give a
lesson in how to move it
but its all konfabulation
until you take a step or two..

You've gotta have,
Diamonds, Clovers, Hearts, Stars!
and mostly, you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.
You gotta have,
Fire, Water, Wind, Heart!
and mostly you have got to feel it,
baby, you have got to feel it.
Track Name: the kingdom
You say, that you have got a free pass to the gates,
Dressed up in your finest, black Chanel and pearls,
You say, the neighbors are going to meet their maker,
Thumbs down as a harbinger, that they're going to burn,

But I still can't believe that the woman next door is the devil
cause the smile in her eyes is a sign she's a good woman too.

You say, the gays have Aids because of the Creator,
Stiff martinis, raves and parties, done what did them in.
You say, that raves and Aids go hand in hand together,
History will show that raves and Aids are signs of sin,

so you punish him just cause he can't stand the scent of a woman.
But the love of his life doesn't mind cause he can't stand it too.

You say, the heathens and the Jews are so ungrateful,
Basking in the wonder of creation that we know.
Heaven is a place on earth, it's called a Christian nation.
America's the nation where your Heaven's supposed to go...

And you curse and you blame all the Jews for betraying the Savior,
but you wanted him dead so that he could forgive all your sins.
And you think that the kingdom rejects all the Jews and the heathens
but the fact is the actions of heathens and Jews got you in.

You say, our Kingdom is a great and mighty fortress
A bulwark never failing, felling ancient sin
And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to undo us,
You say that our Kingdom is united against them,

And you say that our kingdom is coming to crush unbelievers.
But I still can't believe that you think that we won't let them in.
Track Name: nixon
He said that he let me down
He gave me an apology.
and he said he was stuck with a burden
for the rest of his life.

His name was Richard,
He hated the communists
and went after them with
a vigor and a mighty fury

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Switchem, Fizzle, Sinner, Missile.
Sunning on a beach in a town in the sun,
with his sandals and a tan and a grin on?

Whatever happened Nixon
Pistol, Vixen, Schism, Vision?
Running from his past on a shoestring?
Last minute Death bed hail mary prayer?

I had a dream last night
I asked him if he'd take it back
and was it hard being the president
of a nation up in arms.

He said with a heavy sigh
"I got caught up in the moment
and being the man on the top
it makes you go grey ahead of time."

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Vigil, Journal, Heaven, Gristle?
Writing up a memoir, paying for a mistake?
Travelling the world, as a diplomat.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Tension, Piston, Chinois, Syndrome?
Living with his wife in New Jersey?
Living his retirement as an elder statesmen?



I think that it sucks to fail
and you can't take a bigger punch
than by giving up with the cameras on
on national TV.

Maybe i'll give him a break
after all, i'd have fucked it up too
if they put me up in a similar spot
with all them watching me.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Cudgel, whistle, Funnel, Hymnal?
Working as a salesmen, Dictionary peddler?
Surfing off the coast of a distant island.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Venal, System, Muzzle, Pigeon,
Sitting on a bench with a bag of breadcrumbs?
Sitting on the docks with a trenchcoat on?
Track Name: when i return
When i return again, things won't be quite the same
i'll have sprouted wings and drift right to you through the ether
arms outsretched to take you to a distant land or other place.
you'll be so amazed you'll drop your ipad on the floor
like it was so much trash.

when i return again, it won't be quite the same
i'll come bearing gifts and mystic spices from the orient.
spices that can cure them of the mysteries of life.
they will all lay down their arms and feel
the perfect tuning of the universe.


when i return again, you will have changed your name.
you'll save the cities from the rising of the ocean tides
tidal waves that threatened all things good and civilized.
we'll rejoice the rising of a brand new
generation of human kind.

when i return again, things won't be quite the same
we'll watch the rise and fall of nations all the while.
we'll watch the rise and fall of history reviled.
we'll remember everything the way it was
before i ever left again... when i return.