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maybe amazing things will happen in the future


When i return again, things won't be quite the same
i'll have sprouted wings and drift right to you through the ether
arms outsretched to take you to a distant land or other place.
you'll be so amazed you'll drop your ipad on the floor
like it was so much trash.

when i return again, it won't be quite the same
i'll come bearing gifts and mystic spices from the orient.
spices that can cure them of the mysteries of life.
they will all lay down their arms and feel
the perfect tuning of the universe.


when i return again, you will have changed your name.
you'll save the cities from the rising of the ocean tides
tidal waves that threatened all things good and civilized.
we'll rejoice the rising of a brand new
generation of human kind.

when i return again, things won't be quite the same
we'll watch the rise and fall of nations all the while.
we'll watch the rise and fall of history reviled.
we'll remember everything the way it was
before i ever left again... when i return.


from demos #some stories and observations, released August 7, 2011
songwriting: Andrew Choi
vocals: Andrew Choi
instrumental: Andrew Choi
recording: Andrew Choi



all rights reserved


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