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He said that he let me down
He gave me an apology.
and he said he was stuck with a burden
for the rest of his life.

His name was Richard,
He hated the communists
and went after them with
a vigor and a mighty fury

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Switchem, Fizzle, Sinner, Missile.
Sunning on a beach in a town in the sun,
with his sandals and a tan and a grin on?

Whatever happened Nixon
Pistol, Vixen, Schism, Vision?
Running from his past on a shoestring?
Last minute Death bed hail mary prayer?

I had a dream last night
I asked him if he'd take it back
and was it hard being the president
of a nation up in arms.

He said with a heavy sigh
"I got caught up in the moment
and being the man on the top
it makes you go grey ahead of time."

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Vigil, Journal, Heaven, Gristle?
Writing up a memoir, paying for a mistake?
Travelling the world, as a diplomat.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Tension, Piston, Chinois, Syndrome?
Living with his wife in New Jersey?
Living his retirement as an elder statesmen?



I think that it sucks to fail
and you can't take a bigger punch
than by giving up with the cameras on
on national TV.

Maybe i'll give him a break
after all, i'd have fucked it up too
if they put me up in a similar spot
with all them watching me.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Cudgel, whistle, Funnel, Hymnal?
Working as a salesmen, Dictionary peddler?
Surfing off the coast of a distant island.

Whatever happened to Nixon?
Venal, System, Muzzle, Pigeon,
Sitting on a bench with a bag of breadcrumbs?
Sitting on the docks with a trenchcoat on?


from demos #some stories and observations, released August 7, 2011
songwriting: Andrew Choi
vocals: Andrew Choi
instrumental: Andrew Choi
recording: Andrew Choi



all rights reserved


columbus priority mail New York, New York

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