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we have this one church in my hometown - they seem to think that everyone else is going to hell...


You say, that you have got a free pass to the gates,
Dressed up in your finest, black Chanel and pearls,
You say, the neighbors are going to meet their maker,
Thumbs down as a harbinger, that they're going to burn,

But I still can't believe that the woman next door is the devil
cause the smile in her eyes is a sign she's a good woman too.

You say, the gays have Aids because of the Creator,
Stiff martinis, raves and parties, done what did them in.
You say, that raves and Aids go hand in hand together,
History will show that raves and Aids are signs of sin,

so you punish him just cause he can't stand the scent of a woman.
But the love of his life doesn't mind cause he can't stand it too.

You say, the heathens and the Jews are so ungrateful,
Basking in the wonder of creation that we know.
Heaven is a place on earth, it's called a Christian nation.
America's the nation where your Heaven's supposed to go...

And you curse and you blame all the Jews for betraying the Savior,
but you wanted him dead so that he could forgive all your sins.
And you think that the kingdom rejects all the Jews and the heathens
but the fact is the actions of heathens and Jews got you in.

You say, our Kingdom is a great and mighty fortress
A bulwark never failing, felling ancient sin
And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to undo us,
You say that our Kingdom is united against them,

And you say that our kingdom is coming to crush unbelievers.
But I still can't believe that you think that we won't let them in.


from demos #some stories and observations, released August 7, 2011
songwriting: andrew choi
vocals: andrew choi
instrumental: andrew choi
recording: electraplay studios



all rights reserved


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